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To all the kids, teachers, administrators, custodians, businesses that support us and the volunteers that make it happen... Willow Reindeer Week is for you and because of you! Many years ago, a young student asked me to create the world's largest art project. I like to think that as of today, we can definitely say we are the nation's largest art project. And for my son, who this was started because of, I want to say never forget you can do whatever you put your mind to!

As we are reaching for our goal of nearly 85 miles (Bordertown to Topaz, on old highway 395) of dot to dot willow reindeer sculptures created by our children, over 40,000 of our children have participated in this project. Many show the pride and ownership the reindeer project by periodically calling and telling me when a reindeer is down or needs a new light.

This year the willow reindeer program will be going over 64.2 miles of highway 395 in northern Nevada, spreading from south of Gardnerville to north of Reno. The Willow Reindeer Herd has also been seen growing through the streets of Virginia City and expanding down into nearby Gold Hill.

Willow Bill is a man driven to bring the beauty of the willows to the world and by constantly creating, learning, and learning by teaching he shows that he is passionate about what he does! Since 1995 he has worked with willows from across our nation to create rustic artwork and over the years he has shared his enthusiasm for art, the willows, and American history with family, friends, neighbors, boyscouts, girlscouts, and over 25,000 elementary school children.

If you ask Willow about his goals, he'll tell you...

My goal is to pass on the knowledge that I've learned through my experience and travels.
My goal is to create the largest art project in the nation!
My goal is to show my son the right way! (And to watch him choose  his!)
My goal is to Love!