Willow Reindeer Project

The Willow Reindeer project started when Willow Bill took some pieces of willow into his son's DARE class in 1998 for the purpose of helping the kids create a willow sculpture. By the end of the class and after a lot of work they had a reindeer, leaving the student's teachers stunned at the captivation and engagement of their students in first-hand learning about willows, art, and history. The Willow Reindeer Project was born. By the end of 2016, Willow Bill had worked with over 42,000 Nevada  elementary students with the goal of facilitating the nation's largest art project. And finding more Men or Women to step up and help spread this great class to many more students yearly.  We are looking for people to learn the classroom part of the project.....people to help put up the project, actual places on highway that have been given permission,  in a city close to them.....over 1200 reindeer were put out and taken down last year......plz HELP!!!!!

Now, with seventeen years of decorating Nevada state Capitol under his belt, Willow's reindeer have become a Nevada cultural phenomenon. Through his educational activism he has volunteered his time to bring an ever growing number  of students' art to the world. Walking into each class, the students are involved in a structured curriculum which revolves around safety, creative art, the geometry of willow-work, geography, and how the willows are a part of American history. [Click here to see what the teachers think of Willow's Reindeer Project]

10% of the statehood of NEVADA has had willow reindeer on its capitol lawn for the Christmas festivities. Four governors have been in office. There  are over 38,000 children involved in a project which has become an important community enhancement project for Nevada's children. 


By the end of the project, the goal is to have over 50,000 children involved in the project and over 80 miles of reindeer along Hwy 395 in northern Nevada!

Here is a partial list of the businesses and places which have volunteered a place for the reindeer to live and be seen during the holidays. We thank them all for their support!:

Willow Reindeer Project Supporters:
State Capitol
State Museum
State Tourism Commissions Building
State Legislative Building
Nevada State Supreme Court
Nevada State Railroad Museum
Carson City Chamber of Commerce
Whitbeck Residence (25 reindeer!)
Mrs. Williams Terot Card
Nev. Kids Museum
Local BBQ Restauraunt
Herritage Bank
Grandma Hatties
Leschwab - Carson City and Reno Stores
Dessert Inn Motel
Dutchess Bros Coffee
Dry Creek Gardens Nursery
Casino Fandango
The Marriot
Greater Nevada Credit Union
Western Nevada Supply
Silver City RV Park
Carson City Self-Storage
And Many More!!!

Welcome to all the new supporters in Gardnerville!